1. What is the best way to contact B2 Grappling Series?

* For payment or signup inquiries:  


For tournament information such as rules, brackets,



Our Event on


2. Do I need Paypal to register?

* If you do not have a Paypal account, you can register with a credit card through the Paypal website or app.

3. What if there are no other competitors in my division?

* If there are no other competitors in your division, we will give you the option to compete in another division or to receive a refund.

4. Will there be a rules meeting?

* Yes, there will be a rules meeting before the divisions begin.  Attendance is not mandatory but highly encouraged.

5. Do I need to weigh in with a gi?

* No.

6. Is there a weight allowance for competitors?

* Yes, there will be a 1lb weight allowance for each division.

7. What competition attire is allowed?

* Gi: full gi required (gi top, gi pants, and belt)  Mouthpiece and cup optional.

* No gi: Competition shorts (board or vale tudo) or spats. Rashguard or

   appropriately fitted t shirt (cannot be loose enough to interfere with flow of match.

   This will be referee or staff's discretion.)  Soft kneepads optional. Cup and mouthpiece optional.

8. What happens if I do not make weight?

* If you do not make weight, you will be placed in the appropriate bracket based on your weigh-in result.

9. Is MMA experience counted as grappling experience?


A record check may be conducted to prevent sandbagging.

10. If I compete in 2 divisions, do I need to weigh in twice?

* No.

11. many coaches are allowed during a match?

* Competitors get one coach at ringside.

12. What COVID precautions do competitors need to take?

* Per current Indiana general order, masks are required inside building when competitors are not competing or warming up.

Each competitor will have a temperature check while entering building.  All subject to change based off of continuing regulations.